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Expansive Capitalism, Climate Change and Global Climate Mitigation Regimes. A Triple Burden on Forest Peoples in the Global South in Climate, Capitalism and Communities: An Anthropology of Environmental Overheating av Harold Wilhite and Salinas, Cecilia (2019).


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In this chapter Wilhite and I argue that the rhetorical move from capitalism to green capitalism does not radically change the relationship between capital and nature. On the contrary, the practices of global climate mitigation efforts, such as the UN REDD programme, are grounded in the same economic principles that led to the depletion of forests around the world in the first place. Policy designers present the market as the best way to regulate environmental degradation, aiming to make biodiversity conservation compatible with development. However, sustainability and biodiversity are powerful, his- torically produced discourses that are linked to the modern ideology of progress and development.